About Myself

Who Am I?

Wednesday July 1, 2007

I am a transcultural voyager
Who finds meaning in life
As I course from language to language,
From physics to philosophy,
From music to metaphysics,
From Gita to Gregorian Chants,
From Mozart to Musicals,
From Tansen to Thygaraja.
From feasting to fasting.
I experience mystical thrills
From Maxwell’s equations and from meditation.
From Feynmann diagrams and from Buddhist mandalas.
I am addicted to alliterations,
Deeply committed to spreading Science
And Enlightenment.
I recognize the positive contributions of Religions.
I am a dedicated Bridge-Builder
And a Dreamer of Peace.
And I think that what really matters in life is
Whether one is kind and
Compassionate to fellow beings,
And brings smiles and laughter
To those with whom one interacts.
As I see it, from a long-range perspective
The stages of Life, are:
Hungry screams.
Unintelligible noises.
Intelligible noises.
Some intelligent noises.
Unintelligible noises.
Eternal silence.
Leaving behind
Some tearful eyes,
Fond memories,
And finally faded remembrances
That melt away into oblivion in Deep Time.
V. V. Raman

July 1, 2007

5 thoughts on “About Myself”

  1. I jumped to conclusions seeing your name VVRaman, assuming Hindu-mystical cosmic consciousness transcending analytic reasoning that infuses the essays in Louise Anthony’s text. Fortunately, I love reading Ramana Maharshi’s Search for the Self stuff, so I continued reading and VOILA…you are an alive mind that dances to the tunes of science and religion and creative art.

  2. I suggest you journey to manvantura.wordpress.com and search for Rig Veda, particularly Cosmic order in the Vedas … Parts 1, 2, 3 and Origin of Avatar to begin with. Enjoy

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