Q & A: What is Truth?

Truths are interpretations of normally perceived reality (facts) that are meaningful and satisfying to a person.

There are two kinds of truths:

1 Exoptent Truths: are collectively arrived at rational interpretations of natural phenomena, based on careful observation, experimentation, verification and/or falsification. Such truths can usually be put to use, i.e. applied in ways that alter, modify the natural world and enrich/enhance human experience.

2 Endopotent Truths: These have significant value and significance to individuals in that they affect people’s emotions in different ways. Truths related to history, art, religion, and philosophy are, for the most part, Endopotent.

Published by:

Varadaraja V. Raman

Physicist, philosopher, explorer of ideas, bridge-builder, devotee of Modern Science and Enlightenment, respecter of whatever is good and noble in religious traditions as well as in secular humanism,versifier and humorist, public speaker, dreamer of inter-cultural,international,inter-religious peace.

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