Q&A:How do you think our Earth was before humans emerged?

Geologically, and from a planetary physical perspective, perhaps not much different.

Tides surged and fell, waves were lashing tirelessly on the edges of lands,  clouds rose and poured as rain, rivers flowed into lakes and oceans, volcanoes spewed now and again, tectonic plates inched and bumped, causing periodic quakes and tsunamis.

But from human perspectives:

The earth remained unstudied, unappreciated, un-praised, unpolluted, un-dug, and uncultivated, while its minerals and agricultural potential remained unexploited.

There were no works of art and architecture, no music or merrimen, no t metaphysics ormathematics, no religion or rivary, no science or technology,   no love or laughter, no hate or anger, certainly no massacre or bloodshed from weapons.

And, if we take geophysics seriously, this our niche in the universe, this adorned and maimed (by humans) planet will revert back in some distant eon to that same pristine barren and who-cares state. And after a few more billion years it will be gobbled up by the gigantic expanse of our central star, the Sun.

Published by:

Varadaraja V. Raman

Physicist, philosopher, explorer of ideas, bridge-builder, devotee of Modern Science and Enlightenment, respecter of whatever is good and noble in religious traditions as well as in secular humanism,versifier and humorist, public speaker, dreamer of inter-cultural,international,inter-religious peace.

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