Ode to 2010

Ode to  2010!

Adieu, adieu, two thousand and ten!
Your life will be done exactly when
Amidst cheer and noise and festive light
The last clock on earth strikes twelve tonight.

You’ll  be gone for ever like every year
So of dying or ending have no fear!
You will be in different memory-nooks
And stored  in all history books.

Like other years you’ve been good and bad.
You’ve made us happy and also sad.
Thank you for the sciences made in your days
And the arts and music and in other ways.

Of this century, oh  Last Decade
Of all the events and things that you have made
A black U.S. President is perhaps the best
The worst is the airport security test.

Global peace we’ve always sought
That to date no year has brought.
Maybe in decades yet to come
Conflicts and creeds will calmer become.

Published by:

Varadaraja V. Raman

Physicist, philosopher, explorer of ideas, bridge-builder, devotee of Modern Science and Enlightenment, respecter of whatever is good and noble in religious traditions as well as in secular humanism,versifier and humorist, public speaker, dreamer of inter-cultural,international,inter-religious peace.

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